Seek Inspiration Outside Your Industry

July 18, 2018

So my lifemate James just recently launched his own side hustle, Witter Entertainment. Since day one he’s been the pinnacle of support for me and Home Row so it feels good to return the favor and help him out where I can.

I designed his logo, built his website, helped him take product photos, etc. I’ve actually enjoyed having small breaks from the over-saturation of my own work. It’s like a palate cleanser in a way. Being “interrupted” is not always a bad thing. Sometimes it’s necessary.

Even though James’s industry has nothing to do with the fiber industry, it’s been super inspiring to watch a collaborative project like this unfold from idea to launch. I didn’t expect his completely unrelated ideas to give me so many ideas of my own.

James is really talented with all things music and film, plus he’s full of good ideas, which makes him the perfect type of person to launch an entertainment company. He recognized that VHS was going to make a comeback in the same way vinyl, enamel pins, and denim jackets are having a revival moment right now. He wanted to re-release a modern cult horror favorite on VHS, which pushes all the right buttons for nostalgic fans of the genre.

He teamed up with his good friend Alex at Broke Horror Fan, they obtained the rights and got the blessing of writer/director Adam Green, then they found a manufacturer and partnered with long-time friend/wildly talented comic book illustrator, Will Perkins.

I can’t say I enjoy watching horror movies that much if I’m honest. I like spooky books, I like ghost walks and cemetery tours, but I’m a baby about spooky films. However, I am a super fan of all things retro and occult so I can totally appreciate how cool of a project this is. Apparently lots of other people appreciate it too because the project is picking up traction and grabbing the attention of big names in the industry. For two consecutive days after launch I helped James lug a massive bin of packages to the post office.

What is most inspiring to me is that this product is not only fully functional, it’s collectible, it ticks that nostalgic box, and it’s a piece of art in its own right. It’s all of those things in one. I also love that the whole concept was such a collaborative effort, and that’s something I want to do more of.

I want to team up with friends and big names in MY industry to create functional, collectible art. I have a few ideas already actually and now I just need to go for it. Another valuable lesson I’ve learned from James is that you’ll miss 100% of the opportunities you don’t go for. He wasn’t afraid to reach out and pitch his idea. The worst anyone can say to you is “no thanks” and that’s really not so scary at the end of the day. You can just try again.

If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed and uninspired in your own market, try seeking inspiration outside of your industry. I think this is how the most “original” concepts come to be – when you can take pieces from unrelated places and bring them back, reformed, to your own audience.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, it’s amazing what a hatchet-faced blood-spattered VHS reboot can do for you! Haha!