Three Things

Three Things V.8

July 2, 2018

Three Things is a round-up style post series I do every few months just to list things I like, things I’ve found, and things I want to do/make. I hope you’ll share three things with me, too!

Three Photos I’ve Taken: So these are all cellphone photos included in this post but I’m sharing them anyways because I want to. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Photo Number One: While visiting my mom I got up for 5 minutes to check my cake in the oven (yes I baked a cake!!!) and soon after my mom whisper-yelled at me to come and see how Lucille was sleeping. This actually happens a lot as Lucille IS literally the cutest and DOES often sleep on ridiculous things. …actually anything that is mine that’s left unattended, she’ll sleep on. My knitting bag was perfectly unattended and ripe for claiming in this case. I freaked out a bit when I saw her face so close to pointy objects but don’t worry, no doggies were harmed in the taking of this photo!

Photo Number Two: I’m a bag maker during the week and a Scholar groupie on the weekends! Scholar is my boyfriend’s band, we were both obsessed with pop-punk music in high-school, and I’m glad they’re still carrying the torch all these years later. #poppunksnotdead …you guys I had a legit mohawk for a few years. I need to find a photo of that!

Photo Number Three: This is the BEST SMELLING deciduous shrub combo on my block. Or at least it was back in May when all the lilacs and honeysuckles were in full bloom. What a genius idea to plant the two so close to one another! I’d be embarrassed if the homeowner’s knew how many times I walked by their house just to huff their fragrant property perimeter.


Three Shows I’m Watching: ALL THE BAKING SHOWS! I tend not to watch a lot of TV, except when sitting down for a meal or when forcing myself to take a break from other things, but these cooking shows on Netflix are binge-worthy. If you like history, castle tours, dry humor, and experimental cooking then watch Lords & Ladles. If you want a charming, quirky, cooking/DIY/home-improvment/reality TV show then watch Poh & Co., and if you want to watch a really fantastic documentary about the Heiress of Crack Pie and how she built her empire with the most humble intentions (spoiler alert: she just really, really loves cookies) then watch the first episode of the latest season on Chef’s Table.


Three Books I’m Reading Lately: I’ve been slowly working my way through The Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss, opting to read a chapter every night in bed instead of endlessly browsing Pinterest and Instagram. Funny how I had “no time to read” until I made time for it – magic! These books are my new favorites. If you’ve read the Game of Thrones book series but roll your eyes a bit at the gory, excessively descriptive “adult content” details (it’s okay, George, my imagination can fill in the blanks BECAUSE THAT’S WHY I READ) then this series is for you. I read the first paragraph of The Name of The Wind and was instantly obsessed. Patrick Rothfuss is a true wordsmith. This series is everything my little medieval-fantasy-nerd heart desires!! I read books 1, 2, and just started 2.5 …but I need book 3!!! NEED. IT.


Three Things I’m Listening To:

1.) Speaking of medieval fantasy… Can I confess a really nerdy secret? There’s a group called the Mediaeval Baebes who, as summarized from their about page, “source lyrics from mediaeval and romantic texts and set them to original scores using mediaeval and folk instruments, whilst singing in an array of obscure and ancient languages”. It’s the music I often listen to when I really need to relax and concentrate, like when I’m sewing on a deadline or packing hours worth of orders. There, I said it. I listen to siren songs and I like it.

2.) As soon as you have a free minute, make time to listen to this Being Boss podcast episode about Community over Competition. It’s so uplifting and refreshing. It will truly make your day. I wish it was available in May when I was struggling with the maker’s guilt!

3.) I’m also re-listening to the Lord Of The Rings series via Audible, AND listening to the Up Talkin’ Tolkien Podcast. You guys, I don’t know if you know this or not but I’M A NERD. It’s so great to listen to people, who are arguably more nerdy than I am, talk about my favorite trilogy. I love it.


Three Sewing Projects I’d Like To Sew: Uhhhggggg. One of these days I’ll set aside some time for personal sewing! And when I do, I’m going to make the new York Pinafore by Helen’s Closet, the new Grainline Studio pattern that’s coming out soon (I don’t even know what it is but I’m sure I’ll want to make it), and I should probably sew one of the projects off my Make Nine list! Eek!

Three Knitting Projects I’d Like To Knit: I basically want to knit every boxy pullover pattern that Shibui Knits has ever released, especially Mix No. 19, Mix No. 13 (though that’s a lot of lace to commit to!), and this one called Trace.

Three Things I Want To Do This Summer: Go swimming! I can’t remember the last time I went swimming. I also want to visit the Genesee Country Village & Museum again, and! I want to go on an amazing vacation with my friends. …that one I’m already doing this month – Can’t wait! …AND! I also can’t wait to dig out my costumes again and go to the Renn Fest! Okay that’s four things but I couldn’t help it.

What are three things you’re loving/doing/making lately and want to share? Please especially share if you have more nerdy book/music suggestions for me! 🙂