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2018 Make Nine Update

August 22, 2018

Well we’re nearly nine months into the Make Nine Challenge now so I suppose I should post an update on my progress! I’ve completed two projects and started two more. I have fabrics for two of the sewing projects but I’d like to swap patterns for a couple of others. …so all in all a good start but I need to sit down and dedicate some real time to actually finishing the seven remaining items on my list! I did call this a gentle work-at-your-own-pace challenge though, so it’s okay to take that part of it literally.

I’ve managed to finish my mittens and my multi-colored knitting goal as shown on my list. I’m thrilled with both projects and have gotten a lot of use out of them this year! So that’s definitely a win. Note to self: make more practical, everyday accessories.

You can read more about my mittens in an earlier post, here, and see more of my Goldfinch shawl, here.

I also recently wrote about Lucille’s scrap-y pixel quilt that I’ve been slowly (emphasis on the slowly) piecing together. If I can, at least, get the top all pieced together before the end of the year I’ll be happy with that! I’m sure Lucille would appreciate a new, finished quilt for Christmas though so we’ll see.

Another project on my Make Nine list is to knit at least one gift for someone. I’m pleased to announce I just cast-on a Mattock hat for my partner James.

As far as pattern swaps go I’d like to knit the The Lizzy Vest by Elizabeth Smith instead of the Veronika Cardi. I can picture wearing the vest over a long-sleeve knit dress like the Stasia dress by Sew Liberated. I had a sleeveless knit dress on my Make Nine list originally but I kind of missed the season for that one–whoops! I feel like this is a pretty even swap since both of the new patterns are similar to my original goals.

(photo credits: Sew Liberated and The Brown Stitch)

Unchanged on my list are a pair of leggings, a long t-shirt tunic, and a comfy pair of “secret pajama” pants aka non-workout joggers to wear out and about. I’m going to be swamped with sewing work as I prep for the Indie Untangled Trunk Show in October, but after that I’ll still have a few months left to complete my Nine!

Wish me luck 😉