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Q. When did you learn how to sew?
A. I grew up knowing my way around a sewing machine since my mom used to sew all the time when I was a kid, but I didn’t actually use a sewing machine until high school when I took a formal class. I had been sewing here and there ever since (rather poorly), but REALLY got interested in dress making and personal sewing in 2012 when I got a job at a little fabric and yarn shop while living in Vermont. I started consistently blogging about sewing after joining an online sew-along that worked through each project of the Colette Sewing Handbook, which kicked off in January 2012.

Q. What kind of sewing machine do you have?
A. I currently sew on a Pfaff Ambition 1.0 which I bought locally, and a Brother 1034D serger which I bought on Amazon. I like them both.

Q. What kind of camera do you use?
A. I currently shoot with a Canon 60D with a 40mm pancake lens, but I previously had a Canon Rebel T3 which is an excellent camera for beginners looking to upgrade from a point and shoot (both cameras we got on Amazon). I use the Neewer brand wireless remote for Canon, and the AmazonBasics 60″ Tripod.

Q. Who takes your blog photos?
A. As of January 2015 I’ve been shooting all my own photos with a tripod and remote. I’ll credit the photographer in any previous posts where I did not take my own shots.

Q. I love your block prints! I’d love to learn but I don’t know where to start…
A. I tried block printing once in art class back in High School but didn’t pick it up again until early 2015. I bought the Speedball Deluxe Block Printing Kit on Amazon and got started with that – Great starter kit! So far I really, really love the SpeedyCarve carving medium and Speedball’s oil-based block printing inks for fabric. I order supplies online from Amazon or from Jerry’s Artarama, depending on prices/sales/etc. This is the video I turned to right before ordering my Speedball Block Printing Kit so I could see what I was getting into 😉

Q. What kind of dog is Lucille?
A. We had her DNA tested through our Vet actually because I was curious myself. She’s mostly American Staffordshire Bull Terrier, mixed with Mini Bull Terrier. She was labeled as a Pit Bull at the shelter where I rescued her, and I can tell you that her Pit Bull qualities are her best ones!

Q. I’m thinking of rescuing a Pit Bull. What should I know about them?
A. You can read Lucille’s adoption story, here! – Do your research and treat each dog as an individual (I highly recommend BadRap.org as a well rounded, unbiased resource). Just because one Pit Bull is good or bad with other dogs, doesn’t mean they’re all like that. There are many media-hyped stereotypes about Bully breeds that are simply untrue, or have been blown terribly out of proportion. Good, responsible dog owners make for good, responsible dogs. It’s as simple as that. I walk Lucille on a leash and I supervise her around other animals and humans that we don’t know, just like you should with all dogs. She’s a good dog because I consistently put her in positions where she’s set up and encouraged to be a good dog. And yes, she was rescued from an animal shelter who told me her previous home included abuse and neglect. Her past has not scarred her to the point of no return, and dogs like her absolutely deserve a second chance. She’s the perfect dog for my family (though initially we planned to rescue a Greyhound!) and we’ll definitely have our hearts wide open for more Pit Bulls after Lucille.

Q. You mention your skin on your blog sometimes. What’s wrong with it?
A. I was born with a rare skin disorder called Lamellar Ichthyosis. Thanks to the marvels of modern medicine, my condition is very much under control, and many people would never know there’s anything different about me. Basically my skin grows too fast for it to shed at a normal rate like skin is supposed to, so it builds up in callous-y scales that dry out and crack. It can be quite painful and is always extremely itchy. I use a topical prescription cream that forces the extra skin to slough off. My daily skin routine is a never ending battle of exfoliating and moisturizing. The only blog post I’ve ever really written about my skin is titled Eleven Years and Counting, where I reflect on my experience volunteering at a dermatology camp for kids.

Q. You wear wigs a lot. What’s up with that?
A. I’ve been wearing wigs on and off for years now because it’s easiest for me to manage and treat my skin when I have no hair, or very short hair. My favorite wig brand is Forever Young. They’re really affordable and have a pretty realistic hairline, even compared to very expensive wigs I’ve tried.

Q. How/When did you learn to knit?
A. Unlike sewing, I’m completely self-taught with knitting. I picked up a pair of needles for the first time right around Christmas of 2012 and turned to Craftsy.com to learn the basics. The rest is a whole lot of trial, error, and YouTube tutorials. Personally, if I had access to a local shop where I could take a class in person, I would have prefer to do that. I learn easier that way, but doing the self-taught route is totally possible!

Q. Are you going to start blogging about vintage stuff again?
A. I will always maintain a huge love for vintage fashions, movies, and music (especially those from the 1940s), I just don’t have an interest in wearing vintage clothing as much as I once did, and therefore I’m not sewing vintage clothing as much as I once did. Since my blog focuses primarily on sewing, and I haven’t been sewing vintage, there’s been a shift away from vintage related posts all together. I’m looking forward to continuing my exploration in all areas of garment sewing (as well as knitting, quilting, and block printing) and discovering how a vintage influence manifests itself as subtle inspiration for my future work. Besides, you can Make Do & Mend, Knit For Victory, and shake your flapper boots in the 21st century, too 😉

Q. I want to start doing historical reenactments. Where do I start?
A. There are lots of groups out there (I’m a member of a WWII women’s troupe called The Paper Dolls) but the best thing to do to get started is find a local event and ask a reenactor! Try joining a Facebook group to seek out events in your area if you don’t know of any. You can pretty much find anything on Facebook these days.

Fun Facts:
-I’m ambidextrous. My Grandfather was too! I write with my left, but do most everything else with my right hand or both hands equally. There are actually a lot of Lefties in my family.

-I can’t whistle. Not even close. Many people have tried to teach me but it just won’t happen.

-My family and I lobbied in Congress with F.I.R.S.T when I was very young.

-I come from a very artistically talented family on both my Mom and Dad’s side.

-The first pet I ever had for myself was a Hamster that my mom and I rescued from a Salvation Army. He had been left in the parking lot in a small glass aquarium with half a hot dog to eat. I’ve been rescuing animals ever since.

-I have an Elf ear. Well, two elf ears but one is more unmistakably pointed than the other. I was subconscious about it when I was younger but now I think it’s awesome.

-I’m a huge Fantasy/Renaissance Festival nerd. I own more costumes than normal clothes.