Fine Print

No one likes law jargon, but there is some important fine print to mention about this blog.

Lucky Lucille/Rochelle New:

-uses occasional affiliate links from Amazon, Creativebug, CreativeLive, and Craftsy in the form of side bar ads and links within blog posts. When you click these links and buy something from that website, I get a small percent of the sale. I will only promote companies and items that I fully support and believe to be quality products based on my own personal experience with each company. Further more, I only link to products and pages that are relevant to what I’m discussing in my blog posts (Yes, the links in this paragraph are affiliate links). *I quit the ModCloth affiliate program on 3/26/15

-sometimes receives items for free in exchange for an honest blog review, which is a type of promotion. I have done these types of promotional review posts for companies such as Sew Red, Victory Optical, and Organic Cotton Plus. I will not share blog reviews about items/companies I am unhappy with, which is why all my blog reviews are positive. I openly state when I have received an item for free, or will mention the item is C/O (courtesy of) when linking to the item in an outfit post. As of right now, I have never directly received monetary compensation for reviewing a product. (edit: as of January 14th 2015 I receive affiliate commissions when anyone buys Victory Optical frames using the discount code LUCKY20).

-does not add names/contact information to the newsletter without your permission. You will not get a newsletter email from me unless YOU entered that information yourself via my newsletter sign-up form. If you get a newsletter email from me, and don’t remember signing up for it, then you simply don’t remember signing up for the newsletter. It is illegal for me to add you to my newsletter without your expressed permission, which is why I won’t do that.

-will not sell or share your email address to anyone. Though if you publicly share it within a comment (not when you enter your information to leave a comment, that is not publicly shared, but if you were to add your contact information again within a comment on a blog post), other people have the ability to see it and possibly share it since my blog is public.

-reserves the right to delete/edit comments as seen fit. I have a zero tolerance policy for negativity and will not hesitate to blacklist commenters who can’t remember The Golden Rule.


All blog content (including written word, photographs, and design work) are copyright Rochelle New/Lucky Lucille unless noted other wise. You may not re-post content without written permission from me, and a link to the original blog post where you found it.

Using Pinterest to share my photos is encouraged, but only when you’re describing my photos accurately and appropriately, and saving the original links back to my blog posts to accompany each photo.

Thank you for reading and supporting my blog. You’re amazing 🙂