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My #2018MakeNine Picks

After much deliberation I’ve finally narrowed down my #2018MakeNine choices! Some projects are very specific, and others I have loose guidelines set for myself with more flexibility of pattern choice. I didn’t complete many patterns on last year’s list, but the ones I did finish I OVER completed, meaning I made multiples that totaled well over 9 things by the end of the year. In 2017 I learned several things about what I like to make and wear, so that’s definitely not a total “fail” as far as my list of goals goes! Continue Reading →

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2018 Make Nine

Hello old friends and new readers! It’s that time of year again. Time for a fresh start, new goals to reach and new ambitions to make ALL THE THINGS!!!!! Well, if you’re like me you start out with the best intentions but then life happens and before you know it it’s December and you find yourself looking back on the previous year wondering where all the time went and why you couldn’t physically make ALL THE THINGS.

Spoiler Alert: It’s because you’re a human. Continue Reading →

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Trust Your Gut, Do The Work

If I had one motto for 2017, “Trust Your Gut, Do The Work” would be it. This has been my biggest year for personal growth (and business growth) to date and that feels really amazing to say coming into November. I turn 30 this month, and honestly I’m not freaking out about it like people expect me to when I say that. I’m excited about it! My mom told me when I was younger that life doesn’t really even start until your 30s and I absolutely believe that to be true. I’m in a really good place to grow and that’s because I’ve been doing a lot of work to follow through on a lot of gut feelings. Continue Reading →

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An Ogden Cami in Birch Organic Chambray

Today I’m excited to share a new sewing project that I recently finished with Birch Fabrics’ beautiful new line of organic chambray. It was such a great fabric to work with and I’m happy to be included in their Blog Hop to celebrate the arrive of this new substrate!

Be sure to check out all the other stops on the Birch Fabrics Chambray Blog Hop for more perfect examples of garments made from this organic chambray, but without further adieu here’s my project contribution. Continue Reading →

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A Long Overdue Life Update

Greetings, Friends! I realize things have been a wee bit stale here lately as I’m working through some new and exciting changes, trying to find my blog flow again. But fear not! I will always use this space as a personal blog and I will always enjoy sewing and knitting wardrobe staples for myself. I just need to get a little better at actually sharing the things I’ve made lately! Continue Reading →

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Sharing Sources: Dutch Label Shop

True story: when Dutch Label Shop contacted me recently offering to exchange their product for a blog review I had already bought labels from them on two previous occasions (when I had personal Rochelle New labels made). I already knew I trusted their product and would recommend it, in fact I had already recommended them to several friends, so accepting their offer was really just a wonderful bonus for me. …and for you!* Continue Reading →

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Octopus Curtains Are The Answer

I really need to write a blog post called “A long overdue life update filled with exciting announcements” and/or “I have an epic backlog of projects to photograph and share” but I know that will take a good long chunk of time to make happen, so instead I’m popping in quickly as I finish my morning coffee to share a few thoughts on an understated sewing project I finished last month that is bringing ‘KonMari-level’ joy to my life. Continue Reading →

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Summer Of Basics Make-Along

Since sharing my story about Ichthyosis I’ve been thinking a lot more deeply about my skin and how it influences what I wear, and therefore what I knit and sew. In the past I’ve worn styles of clothes that did me no justice on the comfort front and as I get older I have to laugh a bit at myself for “suffering” needlessly just to look …stylish? …cool? I don’t really know. All I know now is: I want to look happy above all things, and I’m happiest when I’m sewing and knitting clothes I feel physically comfortable in. With that said, let’s talk basics! Continue Reading →

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Thank You

Sometimes a simple thank you is all you can find to say when you’re so overwhelmed with kindness. Seriously, the amount of thoughtful comments pouring in on my last blog post about my skin have touched me on such a level that I don’t even know how to respond… Thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you! There is no greater feeling on earth than putting yourself out there, raw, as you are, and having someone embrace it with such genuine love and acceptance. *sigh* Sorry to get all sappy but my heart is so full! I appreciate you all SO MUCH. If only there were more words out there to use…

Thank You <3