Here it is! My completed Spring For Cotton project. In short, for those who haven’t been following along, Spring For Cotton is a vintage inspired sewing challenge for cotton fabric lovers. The challenge being: create a garment, or an outfit, using only 100% cotton fabrics. Quilting cotton was an obvious choice for me because it’s my favorite, but I stretched out of my comfort zone a bit by choosing an interlock knit for the top. As I mentioned in my SFC Sneak Peek post, I was really needing some more separates in my wardrobe which is why I ultimately decided to sew two pieces instead of one dress like I originally planned.


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Well it’s taken me long enough, but my Spring For Cotton project is now nearly done! I just have to hem my skirt and then it’s 100% finished. I’m glad I never shared my initial plans or progress here because there would have been a post titled “No just kidding, I changed my mind” every single week. I had at least three, maybe four, false starts with other projects and ultimately I just had to ask myself – What do you NEED right now? At least I had an answer for that!


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Spring For Cotton project photos are rolling into the Flickr group now and there are some real stunners! There’s about a week left to finish up (or get started lol) before April 30th. I’m finishing my project this weekend after what seems like 85 false starts and failed ideas – uhg!


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I’ve been meaning to share some screenshots of this movie ever since I first found it on Netflix. It’s called Populaire and it’s the most adorable romantic comedy that takes place in late 1950s France. It’s about a small town girl who gets a job as a secretary and her boss quickly realizes she has the potential to become the next speed-typing champion of the world. …with a lot of training. The costumes in this film are AMAZING and I couldn’t help but push pause several times to try and capture a few of my favorite looks.


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Remember when I said I’d have a finished project to share soon? Well I’m back with a different project than I was originally working on, but today is my Reel Time Blog Tour date and I wanted to finish something to share with you besides just the fabric. I really enjoy blog tours (as I’ve said many, many times before). Getting to test out the latest quilting cottons with a deadline in mind is really fun for me. …even though this time it was a deadline that nearly ended in disaster!


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Radio silence on my blog usually means I have nothing to write about. And by “nothing” I mean no finished projects to share (which is my favorite part of blogging). Sometimes sewing is slow and boring and tedious. Really, really tedious.


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So my big sewing goal this year, as stated back in January, is to actually participate in Me Made May. I have wanted to since the induction of my sewing blog in 2012, but I never had enough me-made things I wanted to wear every day for an entire month. That makes me so sad! So this year I made a promise and plan to follow through and wear one handmade outfit, everyday, for the entire month of May 2015.

Here’s my official pledge:
I, Rochelle New of Lucky Lucille, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15. I endeavor to wear at least one hand-sewn item (ideally making up the main portion of my outfit) each day for the duration of May 2015.


Originally my plan was to sew a bunch of brand spankin’ new garments to wear specifically for this challenge, and I have made quite a few new things actually (many I’ve yet to blog about because I want to save them for next month!), but I’m adding a little amendment to my challenge. Since I have a large plastic bin brimming with past handmade things, I want to dig through it and force myself to reevaluate WHY those garments ended up in the “I Don’t Really Like This” Box to begin with.

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The winter season is still holding on for dear life here in rural New York (it snowed earlier this week – uhg!) and my yard is currently a sea of melted snow, dead grass, and general glum. I’ve been desperate for an excuse to do some Spring sewing, and as it turns out, the Etno Fabrics Blog Tour is a pretty good one! Aside from a very welcomed Spring sewing project, I thought a little color might be just the thing to beat the winter blues for good.

…okay A LOT of color!


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Now that Spring For Cotton is underway, this will be the last post related to the sewing challenge until later in April. In the meantime I thought it would be fun to create a desktop background, including a calendar with the project due date, and a playlist to sew along to!

The Playlist: Keeping in theme with SFC, the playlist includes songs from the 1920s-70s and covers a variety of genres. I’ve been listening to it for the last few days and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

You can follow the playlist on Spotify if you have it, or listen to it directly from my sidebar on the left.
(*edit – I made one change to the playlist because there was a song on there twice. Whoops!)


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Garment sewing with quilting cottons can be a touchy subject in the sewing community. There are some people who love the stuff and others who steer clear of it. Whatever band wagon you’re on is fine, to each their own. I happen to be on Team Q.C. and there are lots of other people, even big companies, who appreciate these cottons for their durability and print variety. The term “Quilting Cotton” mostly refers to the industry the cottons are marketed to, and though it’s implied they have only one purpose, that isn’t necessarily true. If you have a structured dress pattern, and are looking for a mid weight, hearty fabric that comes in a ridiculously vast selection of colors and prints, a quilting cotton sounds pretty perfect for the job!

Here are a few examples of ModCloth’s Ready-To-Wear dresses made from quilt industry cottons:airofadorabledress_quiltingcotton_luckylucille

 Shown Above: ModCloth’s Air Of Adorable Dress made with Lizzy House’s Pearl Bracelet print

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