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rest and reflect


Hey everyone! Just checking in to say I’ll probably be checking out for the rest of December. I’m still trying to rest my wrists and nip this tendinitis in its stupid bud. I’m also taking this time to mull over some goals and directions for 2015, as well as work on a few projects to kick off the new year since I’m sewing slower than normal lately.


I’ll still be checking in daily on Instagram if you miss me too much ;)

…or if you just want to see super cute photos of Lucille ;) ;)


Happy Holidays, All!


Datura Tunic


Remember when I said my tendinitis was on the mend? I lied. You all warned me this would happen and I didn’t listen. I jumped back in the game too soon and got all ambitious with graphic design projects and Christmas sewing and now I’m back to square one with the wrist issues, like an idiot (as in: I’m not sleeping comfortably at night because they hurt so badly). I really should keep the typing down to the bare minimum, but I do have a bit of explaining to do with this Deer & Doe Datura pattern hack.


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wip it good


I thought I’d pop in and share a bit of what I’ve been working on lately. First up, I’ve got a new pattern by Anna Maria Horner in queue. It’s a really neat pieced circle skirt that I can’t wait to make! I think the yardage charts might be wrong though because I could only fit 7 of my 8 blue panels on the recommended fabric no matter which way I tried. I’m not super upset about it though because that just means I have a real excuse to BUY MORE FABRIC! Ha! …Ew, and maybe a new ironing board cover while I’m at it.


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I'm a fabric wizard and wielder of needles with a passion for quilt industry cottons, bygone eras, and natural things.

i.e. I mostly do nerd things like pretend I'm a wizard, collect moldy books, and spend too much time picking up acorns in the woods, all with my spirit animal (a dog named Lucille), my personal photographer (a man named William), and a few literal fat cats in tow.

Making magic and messes in the backwoods of New York.

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