Garment sewing with quilting cottons can be a touchy subject in the sewing community. There are some people who love the stuff and others who steer clear of it. Whatever band wagon you’re on is fine, to each their own. I happen to be on Team Q.C. and there are lots of other people, even big companies, who appreciate these cottons for their durability and print variety. The term “Quilting Cotton” mostly refers to the industry the cottons are marketed to, and though it’s implied they have only one purpose, that isn’t necessarily true. If you have a structured dress pattern, and are looking for a mid weight, hearty fabric that comes in a ridiculously vast selection of colors and prints, a quilting cotton sounds pretty perfect for the job!

Here are a few examples of ModCloth’s Ready-To-Wear dresses made from quilt industry cottons:airofadorabledress_quiltingcotton_luckylucille

 Shown Above: ModCloth’s Air Of Adorable Dress made with Lizzy House’s Pearl Bracelet print

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Today I wanted to share a list of different fabrics to be looking for when shopping for your Spring For Cotton project. In order to play by the rules of the sewing challenge, you’ll need to pick a fabric that’s 100% cotton. Even under such restrictions, there are still countless choices out there!

How do you know if your fabric is 100% cotton? Well most fabrics will tell you what the fiber content is on the top of the bolt if you’re buying it from a store. When shopping online, look for fiber contents listed in the fabric’s description. For fabrics that are vintage or don’t come on a bolt, you can do a “burn test” to try and decipher what it’s made of. I’m not going to quiz anyone on their fiber content so please don’t burn yourself up, or worse, attempting to prove that it’s 100% cotton! But if you’re curious on how to conduct a Burn Test, here’s a great video and reference chart from Threads Magazine.

When you’ve worked with fabric long enough, you can do a pretty good job of judging fiber content by feel, especially when it comes to natural fibers. If you’re certain your unknown fabric feels like 100% cotton, I’ll believe you :)

Without further ado, here are some general references and inspirations for fabric shopping!


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I hope you’re as excited as I am to do some vintage inspired Spring sewing! To help get you started I’ve put together a little post to point you in the right direction as far as pattern choices. When browsing for the perfect pattern for you, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, the main goal is to sew something inspired by a vintage era (as in, the overall garment has a vintage-y look) specifically from the 1920s – 70s, and perhaps most importantly, you want to look for a pattern that’s well suited for a cotton fabric!

Aside from those essentials, you also want to make a garment you’ll actually wear and love. Do a bit of brainstorming and figure out what makes you feel confident and comfortable. If you’ve never worn or sewn vintage, think about what kinds of modern styles you wear, then see if there’s an outfit from a bygone era that’s similar. I bet there is!

There are three types of patterns to look for when creating your Spring For Cotton project: True Vintage, Vintage Reproduction, and Vintage Inspired.


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Hello there! Today, I am excited. If you participated in the 2013 Fall For Cotton sewing challenge, then you might like what I have in store for you now – A new group sew-along!


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To follow up with my previous review for Victory Optical, it’s time to reveal which of the six frames I decided to keep! You voted to help me choose, and I definitely took your suggestions to heart.


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This past Saturday, the 14th, we celebrated six years with this little furry soul mate of mine, Lucille. She’s a huge part of my life (my whole life pretty much revolves around her actually. Yeah, I’m that kind of dog lady!) so it’s only fitting that I share her story here. This story is a long one and it’s emotional for me to write, but here goes…


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I just looked at the clock and realized it’s after 6:30 PM, which really threw me for a loop because it’s still plenty light outside. It’s been over 40 degrees the past few days and that feels positively tropical after a record cold February. The snow is slowly starting to melt, leaving behind a winter’s worth of grit and grime from salted roads. It’s the kind of dirt that would be an eyesore for any landscape if it didn’t mean that Spring was officially on the way. A first robin sighting in the yard confirms that.

February was rough. The surge of energy that follows the New Year is a bandage for my seasonal depression. A bandage which had well and fully sloughed off by the time March rolled around. But now that it’s here, and we’ve had our first true sunshine in I can’t remember how long, things are looking up.


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I’m running out of corners of my house to take photos in, but the good news is, it’s starting to stay light out after 5pm, and this week we had temps above the teens so I think Spring may actually be on the way! I really miss taking photos outside. …or doing anything outside besides freezing my face off. But anyways! Here’s my latest dress, and it’s arguably the most “me made” thing I’ve ever created.


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Just a quick post today because I’m coming out of a stressful weekend/week and was reminded how important it is to slow down and take care of yourself. I kicked the weekend off in the emergency room (not me directly, and my family is all totally fine now) and left with a hefty reminder that simple things like a proper diet and a bit of exercise are not to be taken for granted.


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Since my first attempt at block printing I’ve been itching to try printing on fabrics, so over the weekend I was busy doing just that. I wanted to make something special for my Organic Cotton Plus fabric review due this month (since fabric reviews can easily get a little stale) and decided a bit of Rit dye, and a hand printed border treatment was just the thing to jazz up my fabric. This project started off with several near disasters but I think, in the end, it will all come together to be something I’m pretty proud of. …I hope!


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