Lucky Lucille™

wip it good

By On November 21, 2014

I thought I’d pop in and share a bit of what I’ve been working on lately. First up, I’ve got a new pattern by Anna Maria Horner in queue. It’s a really… Read More


vintage pattern giveaway

By On November 17, 2014

Happy Monday! I’ve always rather liked Mondays (fresh starts and all) but if you could use something to brighten your day, I have just the thing! Judy, at Vintage4me2, and I have… Read More

Design Portfolio

spoonflower satin gift wrap

By On November 14, 2014

Ho boy, I don’t even know where to begin! I’m so in love with this Spoonflower wrapping paper! As you know, a few weeks ago I had this nerdy idea to watch… Read More


the staple dress

By On November 12, 2014

Simple sewing is where it’s at for me right now, I made another dress already! This is The Staple Dress by April Rhodes. I’ve wanted to give it a try since forever,… Read More


it was the woodcutter

By On November 9, 2014

I’ve been on a Miss Fisher kick again and recently watched Season 1 Episode 12 (where Jane dresses as Little Red Riding Hood and Arthur talks of the woodcutter), hence the name… Read More

Drawings & Documentaries

drawing & digitizing: deer

By On November 4, 2014

So to continue on with my previous post about some sketches I did while learning all about white-tail deer, I decided to share more of the process of how I like to… Read More

Drawings & Documentaries

drawings & documentaries: deer

By On October 31, 2014

Are you sick of me talking about tendinitis yet? Well I sure am. No good news on that front at this point, but I’ve been trying to put my idle time to… Read More

Sew Inspired

sew inspired: blutsgeschwister

By On October 27, 2014

My wrists are still on bed rest as I work through my tendinitis, so while I’m not able to sew as much as I’d like to, I really can’t help but look… Read More


adventure time? alpaca my bags!

By On October 22, 2014

Well I’m back from the New York Sheep and Wool Festival, aka Rhinebeck, and it was awesome!! …and crazy. I was warned that it would be overwhelming and that’s definitely the truth.… Read More

Fabric Design

meet me at rhinebeck

By On October 16, 2014

Well this is exciting, I’ll be at the New York Sheep and Wool Festival all weekend! If you’re in the Hudson Valley area, I highly suggest coming out for the event. This… Read More